I have a passion for mental and physical fitness; and I enjoy encouraging and helping others to reach their goals.  As a resident of Ferguson for over 25 years, I see an opportunity to combine my experiences in construction management and fitness training for the benefit of disheartened and underemployed men and women in my home town.  Establishing Jobs and More STL directly serves this goal.

If you share the vision of this opportuntity, we would gratefully accept your support.  In addition to donating financially, there are several ways you can help in this endeavor.  See our Partners page for further details. 

Jobs and More STL seeks some modest facilities locally for training and workshop activities (meeting room for 8-12 people).  If your church, public or private community organization can offer such facilities (whether short-term or longer term) we would be most grateful to hear from you.

Adrian Shropshire, Director & Founder


We gratefully acknowledge those who have joined in support of Jobs and More STL through their financial support as well as their time and talent.



Emerson Charitable Trust

The Ohnell Family Foundation

Jessie L. Shropshire - President, Communication Dynamics

Newell S (Jim) Knight, Jr - Mentor & advisor

Other private contributors ...