Rise Above : Workshop

A Rise Above Workshop is six hours per day for ten sessions over a two-week period. 

Volunteers from business & churches are used for the training workshops.

Each workshop covers such topics as:

Employer Expectations

Workplace Attitudes / Esteem / Confidence

Communications Skills

Problem Solving

Interpersonal Skills

Customer Service skills

Goal Setting / Time management

Job Search Skills

Anger Management

Personal Presentation Skills

Work - Making the Transition

... and much more.

Employers: We can tailor a 1-day workshop from our Rise Above curriculum to focus on specific skills to meet your company?s needs.  Please contact Adrian Shropshire, Director, for more information.


Jobs and More in Ferguson Mo. works to enable employable people to find employment that maximizes their abilities.

We call our participants ?achievers?.

Jobs and More was developed after President Clinton passed welfare reform in 1999 which forced many off welfare back into the workplace or to Family Services in their local communities.

Expectations of Achievers

Participants must pass a drug test and go through a screening process to determine what type of work will be best for them.

We begin each training session with optional devotions, usually by a local pastor. Almost all achievers eventually participate.

Workshop Experience

Over the two week training period there is usually a bonding of the participants and a softening of the anger some feel when they are laid off or lose their job for whatever reason. Achievers recognize that they are not alone in their situation and grow to be supportive of one another.