About Us

Creating Opportunities from Options

Our efforts are to serve more than job seekers, but the business community as a whole.

JOBS AND MORE STL is dedicated to helping you navigate the professional world.

Working with professionals and companies of all models, we have designed a range of effective programs and assessment tools that meet the needs of the ever-evolving workforce environment.

Our Mission

Developing people through life changing training, support and mentoring to help obtain and retain employment.

At JOBS AND MORE STL, we strive to ensure clients understand their options and engage in career opportunities that align with their interest.

Our History

JOBS AND MORE STL was birthed out of the unrest in Ferguson in 2014. Our services target anyone unemployed, under-employed, veterans, and anyone entering or re-entering the workforce.

We are able to serve anyone from various socioeconomic and educational levels, regardless of race, color, or belief system, religious affiliation is not a requirement for service.

Jobs And More STL is a 501(C)(3) Corporation.

Founder Statement: Adrian Shropshire

I have a passion for mental and physical fitness; and I enjoy encouraging and helping others to reach their goals. As a resident of Ferguson for more than 25 years, I see an opportunity to combine my experiences in construction management and fitness training for the benefit of disheartened and underemployed men and women in my home town. Establishing Jobs and More STL would directly serve this goal.
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