What others have to say about us.

From a Jobs and More STL Achiever (Ferguson, MO)

I really didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for Jobs And More Stl. They have helped me refresh skills I have not used in a long time. Taught me new interviewing skills that will really help in the future. And was an enjoyable workshop to be part of. All around a nice experience.

Bob S – August 28, 2015

From a Jobs and More Client in a Sister City (Springfield, Ohio)

I have just finished Jobs and More training Program. When I was approached about the program, I was not very receptive about it. I thought I would be better to sue my skills, out looking for employment. By the time I talked to the Employment Specialist, I told her I would
try the program, very reluctantly, and I told her I would not attend the devotional portion of the program. I have my own religion. I want the staff and the committee to know that I was so bent on not coming to devotion. I came to the first devotion and sad, “Oh it’s not so bad”,
“I’ll try tomorrow”.
I was there early every morning. I enjoyed the instructors and learned a lot about myself and my skills that I didn’t know I had. I look forward to the devotion time we had. I felt better about myself and the situation I was in. (unemployed) The devotional time we spent, helped me understand a lot more about the Bible and the things that happen in my life. I cannot say
enough about it, it was great.
The staff and the other speakers were wonderful and they gave you a lot of information that you can use in your everyday life. They talked with you, lifted your spirits when you are blue and gave you information on where to get the skills you need to improve your situation. Thank you for this program. Now it is up to me to do the rest and put the information to work for me.